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You have so many ideas about the future. It could be starting a career or finally retiring, buying your first home or starting a business, paying off debt or investing in your child’s future… Whatever your unique vision, you’ll need the right solution to get there.

The problem is you have to spread out your efforts in different places. One provider for insurance, another for your mortgage…

With this mishmash approach, how can you be sure that you have the right combination of products and services for your unique life?

How can any provider support your financial vision if they only know a slice of what’s going on?

When they’re only interested in just that one piece of you?

You’re working hard to create the life you want. You deserve dedicated support to maximize your efforts from a team that cares about you as a whole person.

From graduation to retirement, personal to business, and every need in between, our team at Integrity Tree Financial is here for you to succeed. In every part of life.


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Integrity Tree Financial?

Integrity Tree creates confident clients. We’re here to simplify success by offering you a suite of financial solutions under one umbrella from a team who knows your vision.

We also help you achieve results with an understanding of exactly why it’s working. We share financial education every step of the way and promise you’ll leave every meeting more confident and excited about the future.

Multiple resources under one roof

Financial products at competitive rates

Professionals committed to understanding you holistically

A connected team that works together to support your goals


Integrity Tree Financial is committed to improving financial literacy for all Ontarians. That’s why we offer easy-to-understand, free financial resources on our blog and in our monthly newsletter.

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Mortgage Agent

Kevin Steer

“I was a first-time home buyer and knew nothing about mortgages, the housing market or even what a mortgage broker was.  Kevin took the time to teach me and did so in a way I could understand.  If I needed help, or clarification, he was always eager to offer his knowledge and expertise.  He made what is usually a very stressful situation into a positive experience and helped me make confident decisions about my future.  I found my perfect home and I will always be grateful to him.  I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking to buy a home and I will definitely be using him again in the future.”

– Meredith

Mortgage Agent

Sarah Northrup

“My name is Elizabeth Lara, our family had our house refinanced with Sarah Northrup. I would like to share my experience working with Sarah.
I found Sarah very professional, especially dealing with family matters which I appreciated very much! Her professionalism and prompt actions was appreciated throughout the process. I found her positive expressions to help out through the process.

I would not have second thoughts in working with Sarah again.”

– E. Lara

Mortgage Agent

Wayne Marks

“I was referred to Wayne by a close friend who had closed his house with him and had an excellent encounter. I have no regrets, I have never worked with someone so professional and great at what they do, going above and beyond for me, responding to my emails at 2am even when he had a family emergency. I am comfortably in my home in Oshawa right now all because of Wayne. If you are trying to buy a property I strongly recommend Wayne!”

– Kerrian Rose-Smith

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